Market Need

Breast Cancer is a global problem. In the U.S. nearly one in eight women will develop Breast Cancer in their lifetime. This translates to > 200,000 new cases of Breast Cancer and, despite existing therapies, > 40,000 deaths per year in U.S. Importantly, there is also an unmet need for targeted therapy for highly aggressive triple negative Breast Cancer. JAA-F11 can meet these needs targeting 80% of all Breast Cancer (competitor Herceptin targets only 25% with Her-2).

Value Proposition

Our technology will treat primary and metastatic cancer. Given that cancer deaths are mostly due to metastasis and TF-Ag plays a critical role in the metastasis process, JAA-F11 has long term potential to block metastasis extending patient survival. JAA-F11 is expected to be safe as humans have small amounts of naturally occurring antibody to the TF-Ag. Recent in vivo efficacy studies show potential for lung cancer as well.

Market Opportunity

Our main competitor Herceptin immunotherapy (targeting 25% of BrCa), generated >$6 billion in revenue in 2014 with ~7% growth in market per year. The market for hJAA-F11 targeting 80% of all Breast Cancer may potentially generate up to $19.2 billion/year.


Currently funded by 2R42 CA176951-02A1 STTR NIH Phase II: 5/1/15 - 4/31/17. Total raised to date: $2,527,000. Seeking $2 million Direct Phase II for Lung Cancer Therapeutic Application. Seeking partnering or $3 million matching funds for SBIR IIb Breast Cancer bridge award (clinical phase.)