Our patented technology, JAA-F11 specifically targets the alpha-linked form of a well-known disaccharide tumor marker, the Thomsen-Friedenreich glycoantigen (TF-Ag), found on the surface of 85% of all carcinomas.

Thus, over half of all cancers are expected to be TF-Ag positive, creating a potentially huge market.

TF-Ag is involved in spread of cancer cells. The mechanism of the involvement of TF-Ag in cancer metastasis is shown below. We believe that our highly specific JAA-F11 antibody which reacts with TF-Ag will create a survival advantage for patients with TF-Ag expressing tumors through direct killing of cancer cells and by blocking tumor cell spread. It also will be useful in many cancers to detect metastasis. Studies of 39 human breast cancer cell lines shows reactivity of JAA-F11 with ~85%, including the difficult to treat triple negative breast cancers. 

Immunohistochemical analysis shows specific binding to ~85% of the patients' tumors from patients with several types of carcinomas including breast, lung, prostate, bladder, and ovarian.

Clinical translational research of humanized JAA-F11 for antibody-drug conjugate therapy and diagnosis is currently underway. We used the crystal structure of JAA-F11 and carbohydrate threading to create humanized antibody constructs with the same or improved specificity.

The humanized construct selectively kills cancer cells by Antibody Directed Cellular Cytotoxicity, and can internalize rapidly to be used in antibody-drug conjugates. See references below for more detail.

Competitive Advantage

Our technology, the JAA-F11 antibody is targeted immunotherapy addressing the critical need for safe and effective treatment for primary and metastatic Breast Cancer, including the unmet need for treatment of triple negative Breast Cancer.

Plan and Strategy

Our strategic plan is to bring humanized JAA-F11 to first-in human Breast Cancer trials and seek strategic pharmaceutical partnerships with the intent to license our technology.

Product Pipeline

  • Pipeline One: Humanized JAA-F11 for direct antibody therapy of Breast Cancer
  • Pipeline Two: Humanized JAA-F11 construct for antibody-drug conjugate delivery for Breast Cancer Therapy
  • Pipeline Three: Theranostic for IHC confirmation of TF-Ag expression prior to patient treatment with JAA-F11 therapy.
  • Pipeline Four: Humanized JAA-F11 for direct antibody therapy of Lung Cancer
  • Pipeline Five: Humanized JAA-F11 construct for antibody-drug conjugate delivery for Lung Cancer Therapy 

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